Hey there!

I hope you’re doing well. What brings you to my page? I wish this could be an actual conversation, but oh well. I’m glad you’re here! Thank you for taking time to read this.

This is a blog about faith. I’m a Christian and that identity is the greatest one I have.  I’m not perfect. I mess up every day; but, there’s Grace. When I keep my eyes on the cross, the doubts, fears, the anxiety, and the depression seem to weaken. Christ restores the broken and sees those who once thought that they were invisible. In the moments that we think that salvation is impossible,  Jesus proves time and time again that, with God, all things are possible. In the moments when the doors are shut so tightly, Jesus arrives and brings peace and healing.  I don’t have all the answers; but I know Jesus does. Together, we can walk with Him in this broken world.

Once again: thank you for checking out my page!

Let me know what you think. Let me know how I can pray for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Humbly and sincerely yours,



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